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It would appear that I am a serial crafter.  Many stitchers sample a variety of different disciplines, and some become proficient at a good number of them.  Over a lifetime of craft, I have discovered that I plunge in with great enthusiasm and learn everything I can about a given discipline from books and, more recently, the internet.  After a period of about 4 years, my zeal wanes and my attention turns to the next thing that catches my fancy.  Right now, Jacobean embroidery and crewel enchant me, so that will be the main topic of this blog.  To enhance my progress in this medium, I shall also be experimenting with thread painting techniques.

Returning to embroidery is indeed coming full circle.  My first stitching was a pair of embroidered pillow cases (done in daisy and stem stitch) for ‘Aunt Lucy’ Hartman; an older woman, whom I never met.  I think the next thing was an apron for my Mother, then a rooster potholder.  There was a very long break until I took up needlepoint in my mid-twenties, then sewing,  seed beadwork, tapestry weaving, lampworking (glass beads in a flame), crochet, knitting, and tatting.  All of these with varying degrees of proficiency.  The knitting obsession lasted longer than any of the others because it encompasses a huge variety of possible useful and complex products.  I still knit.

For me, crafting has never moved beyond hobby, even though it occupies my mind at all hours.  Ever desirous of mastering new techniques, I have no wish to make things that are relatively easy to produce for sale.  Some items I have made are given as gifts to friends and family; most live in a drawer or cupboard.  It is the process, not the product, that interests me.

In real life, I farm.  I like being on the land, surrounded by animals.  It is a good life.  Against my better judgement, I have recently started a separate blog for a few stories about life on the farm, and some of our misadventures in farming.  The posts are password-protected, so please contact me if you are interested in following it.



  1. It was great to find your blog, as I just began embroidering a few months ago and have enjoyed some of the same kits and books you mention here. After reading about your experiences with long and short stitch, I was inspired to look into the Trish Burr DVD. The US version is sold out for now. I see a big difference in your technique after you viewed it and wonder in what manner it changed your perspective about the work. Very good blog. I will stay tuned.

    • Glad I could be of some help. What changed after viewing the DVD is that I no longer attempted to move in a regimented fashion across the row. This approach to soft shading is rather random, with gaps of a fair size left between stitches. Unfortunately, there will be no further embroidery blog posts for some time. Not finding the needle painted flowers realistic enough, I departed on an extended segue to learn to draw and paint. I imagine I will be back eventually, but perhaps only to complete a couple of Jacobean projects. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. Love to read all about it….

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