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As usual, the transition between the farm in Santa Barbara and the one in Sandpoint left me dislocated and in a creative drought.  I try to avoid this by assembling the ingredients for a variety of projects before the move, so that starting something new requires minimal inspiration and brain power.  It doesn’t always work.

The miracle of how two basic squares of fabric can be assembled to form a decahedron  has always intrigued me so, even though I am not particularly fond of cross-stitch, this seemed like a good time to attempt a biscornu.  Indeed, I love the word as much as I do the shape.  I’m not sure that it actually is a decahedron because not all the faces meet at a sharp line, which would make it difficult to sit the shape on any given facet.  Other stitchers tend to refer to the biscornu as an eight-sided figure, but that omits the top and bottom.  However you describe it – it is quick, cute, and fun to stitch.

Free biscornu pattern number 37 from The Floss Box on 16-count natural aida cloth with an assortment of DMC floss colors that I happened to have on hand.

It was so much fun that I just had to start another one!  Visit again soon – there will be more.  After one or two more of these sweet little cushions, I should be refreshed enough to return to ‘serious’ stitching.  In the meantime, I wish you soft summer days and evenings.


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