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These little gems come in kit form from Tristan Brooks and are called ‘Newbury Smalls’;   NAC 3a and 3b, respectively.

They represent my return to embroidery after a very long hiatus; and my first foray into crewel which, as it turns out, I absolutely love!



  1. Hi Suzanne, That looks exquisite, elegant as the pattern on a Chinese vase. (Actually, it reminds me of some of the decorations you find in the borders of illuminated manuscripts. Very curly, like pea shoots, which gives the pattern a nicely organic feel.)

    • Hi Gordon,
      Thanks for the visit and the comment. All the credit for the beauty of the design goes to Barbara Jackson of Tristan Brooks. Under the heading of ‘New American Crewel’, she is producing some very beautiful ‘learn new stitches as you go’ crewel kits. I simply could not resist stitching them (resistance is futile…you will be assimilated). Everything in the kit is of top quality (unlike many mass produced kits, which include cheap fabric and nasty wool), and the instructions are thorough enough to guarantee a successful outcome. When I build enough confidence to create my own patterns, the end result will probably not be as lovely. At least, not at first.

  2. Love it,seeing the work you have been talking of but no showing – you have a right to be proud – love the colours the design, the effect and the quality. From a lapsed stitche ..

    • Hi Stella,
      As I was just telling Gordon, all the credit for the harmony and beauty of these mini samplers goes to Barbara Jackson of Tristan Brooks. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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  1. By Confession « Wooly stitches on 10 Apr 2010 at 9:45 am

    […] the back.  This was my first use of fusible interfacing as a stabilizer for crewel embroidery, the Newbury Smalls were stitched in the traditional manner: using a muslin backing for the linen.  Iron-on […]

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